Reno 2016Reno, NV 2016 Spring NABC 

Mar 10, 2016 – Mar 20, 2016     

The 2016 Spring NABC is being played in Reno let us look some interesting deals from the bulletin’s series: What can go wrong? by Eddie Kantar.


Opening lead: 3

Plan the play. You are playing in a pairs game. Would you play differently at IMP scoring?

This one should be played the same at any scoring. The lead is obviously a singleton and East is a big favorite to have the A and will surely give partner a heart ruff. Along with two diamond losers, you are looking at four losers . . unless you win the K and discard the A on the A! Now you can drive out the A, ruff a heart return high, draw trumps and wind up losing two diamonds and the A. Applause, please.

The idea is to use the bidding to realize the danger and figure out what you can do about it as early as trick one! The full deal: aaxx