orlando-2016-1 ORLANDO-FALL NABC 2016-NOV. 24-DIC. 4

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November 27     



Your partner opens 1, East passes and you respond 1NT. Your partner knows how much you like to be declarer, so he gives up on his heart suit and raises you to 3NT. West leads the Q. Plan the play.


Your partner came to the right place. When you see the dummy, you wonder if partner would have found the 100% play for nine tricks that you have spotted.

Win the A and play the A and Q. If someone wins the trick, you have nine tricks without needing any spade tricks: four diamonds, two clubs and at least three hearts.

Say the Q holds. No problem. Lead a low heart taking out a little insurance against 4-1 (or even 5-0) hearts. If hearts are 4-1, someone will win the jack, but you now have 9 tricks in the bank: five hearts, two diamonds and two clubs.

If hearts are 5-0 and they allow you to win the 10, knock out the K while you still have the K as a hand entry (you take 10 tricks). The key is to keep a later club entry to your hand to get to the established diamonds if they take the Q with the king. The full deal: