orlando-2016-1 ORLANDO-FALL NABC 2016-NOV. 24-DIC. 4

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With both sides vulnerable, you open 1 in fourth seat, West doubles, partner finds a redouble, East coughs up 1, and you wind up in 6. West leads the 2. Plan the play. Hearts are 2-2.


The full deal: aaxx

What are they bidding on? You and partner have 30 high-card points between your two hands, West has made a passed vulnerable takeout double with, you will soon discover, a doubleton heart (usually a vulnerable passed hand will have a singleton in the opener’s suit), so unless East has the J, West figures to have all 10 of the outstanding HCP.

In so many words, the  A Q are hanging out over your king. Win the A (nice play), draw trumps ending in dummy, cash the K and Q, discarding two clubs, ruff a spade, removing all of West’s spades, and exit with the K.

West, remaining with only minor-suit cards, is not in a wonderful position. If West exits a club you have an established club trick for a diamond discard. West must exit a diamond. If West exits a low diamond, chances are dummy’s 8 will win the trick!

West, might well lead a low diamond from  Q J x (x), hoping partner has the 9. If the 8 is covered, win the king and lead a diamond to the 10.The 10 will win the trick! If West exits with a diamond honor, one normally plays for split honors, but given the bidding, it is far more likely that West has both honors, so win the king and lead low to the 10.