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pensando bridge providence dia 9

(1) Five or more hearts plus a five- or sixcard minor.

Opening lead commentary: A – Ace from A-K at trick one vs. suit contracts. After trick one, the king is led from the A K x (x). Some lead the queen from the A-K-Q. One advantage is that when you lead an ace your partner knows you can’t have the queen.

Defensive commentary: West cashes three hearts, East discarding a low club, and West shifts to the 10.

Play commentary: South wins the diamond shift in dummy and leads a spade to the queen (higher equal when finessing), West discarding a club. You now have to get to dummy two more times to take two more spade finesses.
Your only chance is to lead a low club to the jack. On the bidding it figures to win. If it does, you have your two needed dummy entries and you take the rest of the tricks.

Defensive commentary: West can ruin South’s party by inserting the queen when a low club is led at trick six. It would be a great defensive play because it limits declarer to only one club entry to dummy and declarer ends up losing a spade trick.