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Providence 2014: Thinking Bridge Day 10 by Eddie Kantar

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Your partner opens 1, you respond 1 and partner rebids 1 and it’s your turn again! What is your rebid on the following eight hands playing duplicate bridge? Check your answers against mine when you finish. 

pensando bridge providence Dia 10

1. Pass. You are not strong enough to make another bid. A raise to 2 would show four spades (in blood). Rebidding a ratty five-card suit is a huge no-no, so there you are.
2. 3. This is invitational, not forcing. If partner has a little extra with a club stopper, he will usually bid 3NT. If he has a minimum opener, he should pass.
3. 4. Your hand has improved on the bidding because your outside honors are in partner’s suits. 3 is a conservative second choice.
4. 3NT. This one sticks out like a sore thumb.
5. 1NT. Just as obvious as No. 4.
6. 2. 2 bidding the fourth suit normally shows opening-bid strength. Some play it as a game force, others play you can get out if your next bid is at the two level. In any case, you should not bid the fourth suit with a weak hand.
7. 3. This is invitational. Not quite strong enough for 4 and definitely too strong for 2. 3 is just right.
8. 2. Finally, the proper use for the fourth suit: a strong hand that cannot limit itself properly – yet. You can’t raise spades with three pieces (see #1), the heart suit is not strong enough to rebid. You need five very strong hearts (think 100 honors or close to it) or a reasonable six-card suit. It’s not a good idea to bid notrump without a club stopper, and bidding diamonds is out of the question. You will be much better placed after you hear partner’s next bid.

5 or 6 correct: Not bad, not great.
7 or 8 correct: You must be a good bidder.
Less: There is always another quiz coming, but look over the ones you missed so you can avoid making those mistakes in the future.

(1) Five or more hearts plus a five- or sixcard minor.


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