2ndo Youth Paris

Paris, France from October 28 to November 1, 2015

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Being less than 25 years old, playing bridge, and being selected to represent your country: here are the three conditions that must be met to participate in the 2ndYPOB. They will be a hundred, from 22 different countries, to meet these criteria.

From 28th October to 1st November 2015, the «baby champions» will meet under the auspices of the French Bridge Federation in Marcoussis at the headquarters of the regional Committee of Hurepoix.

Goal: share their passion for bridge. The mind sport, discovered most often in school, has more and more followers amongst young オンライン カジノ people around the world. In France, the Ministry of Education encourages the practice of bridge in schools as a support to mathematics learning.

The first edition of the Paris Open Youth Bridge (YPOB) in 2013 enthralled all participants. Players, coaches, partners, media have convinced the organizers of this meeting to sustain this young international bridge “rendez-vous”.

France will now host this competition every 2 years.