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Every day a new puzzle for Bridge, Chess and Draughts.

Mind Sports 4 You is an initiative of people interested in Mind Sports. Maybe you tried to solve a bridge or chess puzzle in your daily newspaper or you had a calendar with a puzzle every day. Such a calendar is now available electronically. When you have a smart phone or a tablet operating on iOS from Apple or on Android you can take a subscription for only €3.99 per year or the equivalent in your own currency and you receive new challenges for Bridge, Chess and International Draughts on 100 squares every day. This is a lot cheaper than a calendar on paper and electronically nothing will get lost.

We make the puzzles available in three grades of difficulty: one star for easy, two stars for medium and three stars for difficult. When you try to solve all puzzles you will notice that your skills will improve. All puzzles will be stored on your device to consult them later when you want so. You can store them solved or unsolved and later sort on difficulty or on the data that they became available. When you did not have time to download your new puzzles for a few day, no problem, when you log in automatically all puzzles that became available since you logged in last will be loaded.

There is a deeper goal behind this initiative: an important part of the profits we expect to make in the project will go to the funding of events in the Mind Sports. That can be tournaments but also training for young people in developing countries.

We went through great efforts to scrutinize our puzzles before we publish them. In all Mind Sports we have the active support of the best people in their sport. For Bridge for instance, Huub Bertens (picture), a former champion and now a professional Bridge player in the USA is our great supporter. For chess Rini Kuijf former Chess champion of the Netherlands gathers the puzzles and for draughts grandmaster Edvard Buzinsky and other grandmasters and masters support us.

On the mobile devices the app will be available from the start in 9 languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Bahasa and Chinese. You will like our puzzles but this is only the start of a much larger platform for Mind Sports. Later on we intend to make it possible that you play Bridge, Chess and Draughts against other people or against the computer.

When you have any ideas on how we can improve our app, please send your comments toinfo@mindsports4you.com






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