Reno 2016Reno, NV 2016 Spring NABC 

Mar 10, 2016 – Mar 20, 2016     

The 2016 Spring NABC is being played in Reno let us look some interesting deals from the bulletin’s series: What can go wrong? by Eddie Kantar.

When I gave this lesson, I had half the tables play the contract at matchpoints, the other half at IMPs. They loved it as they began to realize that the form of scoring frequently influences both the play and defense. The following deal is a good example of how it influences the play.

aaxx   aaxx

Opening lead: 6. Plan the play. Would your line of play be any different at IMPs?

Bidding Commentary: Any other sequence would be scary.

Play commentary: The lead figures to be from the king. If so, ducking the opening lead and later finessing the jack after driving out the A allows you to make an overtrick and at least an above-average result on the board. Go for it as you have more than a 50% chance of making the overtrick.

At IMP scoring, it would be an error to duck the opening lead and risk a heart shift and your contract for an overtrick. If East has the K, the A and at least four hearts, you will be down.

Don’t get greedy at IMPs. Win the A, drive out the A, and take your nine tricks in peace: four clubs, three diamonds and the major-suit aces.

To remember: The form of scoring frequently (but not always) influences both the play and defense of a hand. The full deal you fear playing at IMPs: