InicioTake all your chances at bridge - 10 by Eddie Kantar

Take all your chances at bridge – 10 by Eddie Kantar

denver 2015 1DENVER FALL 2015 NABC – NOV 26-DIC 6

The 2015 Fall NABC was played in Denver let us look some interesting deals from the bulletin’s series: Take all your chances at bridge by Eddie Kantar.


You open fourth seat with 1, West doubles, partner bids 2NT, a conventional limit raise in spades. East passes, and your leap to 4 ends the proceedings. West leads the K. Don’t come home lame on this one! Plan the play.


Assuming West has the Q, you have a 100% play on this one. Win the A, draw trumps, and play the A, K and a third heart. A worst-case scenario finds East winning the third rounds of hearts and shifting to a high club. No sweat. Win the A and exit with a diamond to West’s queen. West must give you a trick with the Q.

If you exit with a diamond before stripping hearts, West can win, get out with a heart and now you will be stuck with two club losers after East wins the third heart and leads a high club. The full deal:




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