Providence 2014: Thinking Bridge Day 1 by Eddie Kantar

Eddie Kantar

providence-web-bannerSource: ACBL Bulletins

Thinking Bridge Kantar Providence 1

Bidding commentary: West has a perfect passed-hand takeout double – 9-11 high-card points with shortness in opener’s suit. After a takeout double, North’s raise to 2 shows about 5-8 dummy points. East’s double is responsive. It says, “Partner, you pick a suit. I don’t have four spades, but I have support for both minors and enough to compete to the three level.” With a fit of at least 10 cards in hearts, South wants his partnership to be the declaring side.

Defensive commentary: East wins the A and shifts to a low club. The spades in dummy look ominous. West wins the and continues with the J.

Play commentary: As South, after ruffing the second club and drawing trumps, you can see the contract depends on getting the spades right. You have the clues.

West, a passed hand, has turned up with 8 HCP in the minors: the Q J and the A J. If West had the A (12 HCP) along with his unblalanced distribution, he would have opened the bidding. Play East for the A and lead a low
spade to the jack.

To remember: A passed hand seldom has as many as 12 HCP. If a passed hand turns up with 9 HCP, he doesn’t figure to have any more aces or kings. If a passed hand turns up with 10 HCP, assume he has no more aces, kings or queens.