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Want to try Bridge classes for the first time? Want to improve your Bridge skills?  Partnering with you in individual playing sessions or tournaments? Online lessons or Supervised play?                                     

Whether you are beginner, have played for years and need a refresher, or an advanced player who would like to take your game to the next level…I can help you!

Improve your bridge play. Improve your bidding, improve your defense

Pablo Ravenna
Pablo Ravenna

Who am I?

2013  Southamerican Teams Champion

 My name is Pablo Ravenna: Since some years ago, I am a regular team member of the Argentina Open Bridge Team. I won the 1996 South American Championship, I have won many Argentine Championships. And in 2010 I won a USA National Championship and a Brazilian National Championship. 

   I have been teaching bridge for over 12 years and since some years ago I teach online on BBO. 

Further Information:

My BBO nick is Madryn, feel free to write me or leave me a message.