New Orleans 2015: Thinking Bridge Day 10 by Eddie Kantar


Saturday, March 21, 2015NABC New orleans 2015

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Using the bidding as a guide to play and defense

Pensando bridgeNO 2015 dia 10

Opening lead: cJ

Bidding commentary: The 3sovercall is what you would have for an opening 3s: long suit, weak hand.

Defensive commentary: As East, win the cA and return the c9 asking for a spade return. You can’t stand a diamond shift so ask for a spade, the lesser of evils. As West, after ruffing the club return, play the sA and a spade.

Play commentary: You have to bring in the diamonds for no losers. Given that you have no intermediates in diamonds, you have two chances: (1) The dK is singleton; (2) West has K-x.

Counting time: You know East has seven clubs and two spades, so once you draw trumps, you will know the diamond division. Conversely, you know West has seven spades and one club, so counting the trumps in one hand or the other will immediately tell you the diamond division. Let’s say you decided to work with clubs. When East shows up with one heart, he must have three diamonds (seven clubs, one heart, two spades = 10) so you must find West with the singleton dK. You’re in dummy after three rounds of trumps, so bang down the dA … and pray. Once again, the bidding plus counting has guided you in the play.