Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, d’Orsi Senior Bowl

Organised by the World Bridge Federation
In cooperation with the Indonesian Bridge Federation

We are very pleased to confirm that the 41st World Bridge Team Championships and the 9th World Transnational Open Teams Championship will be held at:

Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua Lot NW/1
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia
16th – 29th September 2013
Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, D’Orsi Senior Bowl

Format of the Championships: All three Championship will be played as a single complete round-robin with all teams playing each other. At the end of the round-robin the first best ranked teams will be admitted to the knock-out stages. Quarter-final, Semifinal and Final KO matches will be played.

• Teams Registration Monday 16th September (starting 10.00 hrs.)
• Captains meeting Monday 16th September at 17.00
• Opening Ceremony Monday 16th September at 20.00
• Round Robin 1st Match Tuesday 17th September at 11.00
• Round Robin Last Match Monday 23rd September at 17.10
• Captains Meeting Monday 23rd September at 19.45
• Quarter-final Tuesday 24th – Wednesday 25th September
• Semi-final Thursday 26th – Friday 27th September
• Final & Play-Off Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th September
• Prize-giving & Closing ceremony Sunday 29th September at 20.30 hrs.

Right to enter
Zonal Qualified teams for all three championships (in addition to the Host Teams):
Zone 1 – 6 teams
Zone 2 – 3 teams
Zone 3 – 2 teams
Zone 4 – 2 teams
Zone 5 – 1 teams
Zone 6 – 3 teams
Zone 7 – 2 teams
Zone 8 – 2 teams
If any Zone does not fill its quota the first berth will be offered to Zone 1, the second to Zone 6. Each participating member NBO must play against all other participating member NBOs. Entry and subsequent refusal to play will result in disqualification.
To be eligible for participation in the 2013 World Teams Championships each player, non-playing captain, coach, trainer and other team official must comply with the WBF Laws and Rules & Regulations. In addition the players and non-playing captains must comply with the conditions of eligibility set forth in the WBF Eligibility Code.

9th World Transnational Open Teams Championship

The 9th World Transnational Open Teams will take place during the second week, starting at 10.00 in the morning on Tuesday 24th September. The format will be Swiss Teams. It is normally played as 10-board matches (5 per day) for 15 qualifying rounds (150 boards). The Quarter Final will be played on Friday 27th September, the Semi Final on Saturday 28th September and the Final on Sunday 29th September. If 120 teams or more enter the Championship, the KO stage (phase) will commence with a round of 16.
The World Transnational Open Teams Championship is a prestigious and most enjoyable event. Being Transnational, it is open to teams composed of players coming from different countries, nominated by their National Bridge Organisation and approved by the WBF Credentials Committee.
It is a great opportunity for players to participate in a wonderful bridge tournament while at the same time having a unique opportunity to experience all the atmosphere and excitement of the final stages of the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup and watch some of the greatest players in the world on the first class vu-graph presentation. Players wishing to compete in this Championship should contact their NBO and request nomination by the end of August 2013. There is no quota, and NBOs may nominate as many teams as they wish to compete in this great tournament.
Players eliminated from the Round Robin of the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup & d’Orsi Seniors Bowl will be able to enter the World Transnational Open Teams Championship free of charge provided they enter as a complete team. Players eliminated from the Quarter-final can drop in the WTOTC free of charge provided they enter as a complete team.

Registration of Teams for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d’Orsi Senior’s Bowl

All entries to the Championships must be submitted electronically (the pages will be available from 1st April 2013), via the WBF website (not by email) at http://www.worldbridge.org/competitions/13Bali/Information.htm by 15th June 2013. It is very important that this deadline is respected.

Registration of Players’ Names: Registration of players and NBO Delegation members must be sent by 15th July 2013 via the WBF website (not by email) at http://www.worldbridge.org/competitions/13Bali/Information.htm

Registration of Teams for the Transnational Open Teams Championship: Registration of teams should be made before 1st September 2013 wherever possible. Entries will be accepted later provided there is sufficient space at the venue. Entries from teams eliminated from the main Championship events may be made on site. All entries are subject to approval by the Credentials Committee.

Entry Fees & Payment
– Bermuda Bowl/Venice Cup, d’Orsi Seniors Bowl US$ 4.500 before or on 1st July
– World Transnational Open Teams US$ 1.500 before or on 1st September
The entry fees must be paid by bank transfer to Banque Cantonale de Genève
Account name: Delen (Suisse) SA – WBF
IBAN CH86 00788 0000 5030 2215
Swift code: BCGECHGG
Clearing: 788

Players eliminated from the Round-Robin and Quarter-final of the Open, Women’s or Senior Teams may form new Open teams and will receive free entry provided no players who have not participated in these events are added.

In the event that a team is made up from players who have not participated in the three main events, with players from these events added to the team, the charges will be as follows:
A team with four new players & one or two eliminated players: US$ 1.500
A team with three new players & up to three eliminated players : US$ 1.200
A team with 2 new players & up to four eliminated players : US$ 800
A team with 1 new player & up to five eliminated players : US$ 400

Rules & Regulations – Systems Policy
The Rules & Regulations, including the Eligibility Code, Anti-doping Regulation, Disciplinary Code, and the Dress Code will be published, together with the Systems Policy, on the WBF website from 21st January 2013.

Systems Registration
Systems for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup & D’Orsi Senior Bowl have to be registered with the World Bridge Federation Systems Administrator by 15th July 2013 to: anna@ecats.co.uk

The conditions of contest will give full details of systems regulations and registration. No HUM, or Brown Sticker conventions will be permitted at any stage of the Round Robin in either the Bermuda Bowl or Venice Cup nor will they be permitted at any stage of the Senior Bowl.
Pairs wishing to register Brown Sticker conventions or HUM systems for use in the KO phase must register these, together with the relevant BS forms, by 15th July 2013 (except in the case of the North American Women’s and Senior Teams where this is extended to 21st July)
No extension to this deadline will be accepted. BS or HUM will lose their seating rights.

Bali, Nusa Dua & the Venue
Bali has developed a world of its own. It captures not only what is special about Indonesia, but also has its own unique charm. There is a great deal to experience in Bali that is unlike anywhere else in the archipelago.
Being one of the most magnificent islands in Indonesia, Bali has become a preferred tourist destination in Asia that offers a wealth of natural beauty and it is, of course, famous for its fabulous white sandy beaches.
The Hindu culture is reflected in day-to-day life and can be seen in its numerous ceremonies, festivals, arts and crafts, traditional dance and distinctive music of the gamelan, a traditional music ensemble, typical of Bali, featuring a variety of instruments such as metallophones, xylophones, drums and gongs; bamboo flutes, bowed and plucked strings. Bali boasts a magnificent array of architectural temples and palaces.
With more than 50 international and domestic airlines, this beautiful island is just a flight away from around the world and many airlines travel directly through the Ngurah Rai Bali International Airport.
On arrival, one may feel welcomed by the warm and gracious innate friendliness of the Balinese that would not be easily forgotten.
Nusa Dua is the premier resort area in Bali. The vicinity has an excellent tourism infrastructure with more than 4000 available rooms of international 4 and 5-stars chain hotels, a close by 18-holes Golf & Country Club, Amphitheatre, alongside luxurious shops, Cafe and Restaurants with a seamless white sandy beach within a walking distance.
Within this alluring atmosphere, Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre (BNDCC) offers a promising eminence with its desirable location and compelling excesses. The whole concept consists of a high profile characteristic, an impressive 70,000 sq/m garden landscape and a breathtaking Balinese architecture of a total 25,000 sq/m building area which all integrated to create a complete infrastructure for any kind of events.

Hotel Accommodation & Booking
The Local Organising Committee (LOC) arranged special rates for the hotels indicated in the attached list. The booking has to be made contacting the hotels directly. Any hotels not within walking distance will provide return shuttles to the venue.
We strongly recommend making your room reservations as soon as possible in order to ensure that you obtain the required accommodation. [button link=»http://csbnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/wtotchotel.pdf» size=»small» window=»yes»]Click Here [/button] to read the hotels list.

Further Information Contact:  

Judianto Hasan (LOC)  judianto.hasan@yahoo.com
Marina Madia (WBF Secretariat) secretariat@worldbridgefed.com

Being sure of your support and cooperation. We are confident we will enjoy once again all together another great bridge event.
Yours sincerely,

Gianarrigo Rona                                             Ernesto D’Orsi
WBF President                                                Championship Committee Chairman