The Spokesman-Review – 1 Ene 1953

There are squeezes of almost every kind and description. Some of them have simple names, like simple squeeze; inverted squeeze; double squeeze; triple squeeze. But some have fancy names of more descriptive natures; names that make your hair curl. Like suicide squeeze, when you squeeze yourself. Or homicide squeeze when you squeeze your partner. You will see a homicide squeeze in this deal:


North had stretched his south partner into a contract of six spades. This could have been defeated easily if West had led a diamond. But the opening lead from West was the heart queen.

South took over from there. As you can see he has no worries in trumps or clubs or hearts. But when it comes to the diamond suit, two losing tricks seem to have no way of being saved.

However, South took trick one with his heart king and cashed three trumps. Ace and king of clubs were cashed and a third club ruffed. The heart ace was cashed and a third heart was ruffed. South now had a trump and three diamonds.

A diamond was led and dummy did not take it with the king. East was forced to win with his lone ace and had nothing left but clubs. West now had left two diamonds and a heart. But when East had to come back with a club which South ruffed, the East lead squeezed his own West partner out of a card.

It had to be a red card. If West gave up his heart, dummy would sluff a diamond. Dummy, would then have the good diamond king and a good heart. If West gave up his diamond, dummy would throw the heart and take two diamonds. How declarer knew enough not to play the king from dummy on the diamond lead may never he known.

But what West had to say about the homicide squeeze can easily be guessed. Or wouldn’t you know?