Source: The Lewiston Daily Sun – Jul 23, 1970

George Rosenkranz
George Rosenkranz

 I have tried to persuade Dr. George Rosenkranz one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical chemists and Mexico’s most prominent bridge expert, to do the basic research on a pill that, will protect a bridge player against a bad trump break. If he can manage this, perhaps he will then repare a ill to cure finessomania. Such a pill would have saved a patient in today’s case.shw 02

South won the first trick with the queen of diamonds and saw that he would make the game and rubber if he could get two spade tricks.

A finesse would de the Job if East had either the king or the Jack of spades. Feeling quite pleased with himself, South led a heart to dummy and returned a spade to try a finesse with the queen.

West won with the king and returned a heart to dummy’s ace. Declarer now tried a finesse with the nine of spades and West collected the trick with the Jack. West then led his other heart to give East two hearts tricks.

By this time the defenders had four tricks and were sure to another in either clubs or diamonds. Dow One.

Healthy Play

South could have made his contract if he had been a healthy man instead of a finesseomaniac. He is sure of two spade tricks if he goes at the suit hammer and tongs instead of by way of repeated finesses.

After winning the first trick with the queen of diamonds South should lead out the ace and queen of spades. West takes the king of spades and leads a heart to dummy’s king. Now declarer gives up a spade to the jack and gets back to dummy with ace of hearts to cash the ten of spades. The rest is, easy.