Saturday, March 21, 2015NABC New orleans 2015

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Using the bidding as a guide to play and defense

NO 2015 Pensando bridge Dia 9

Opening lead: c4

Bidding commentary: East’s preempt is normal, and your 4h bid shows a big hand. When the bid to your right is weak, a jump by you is strong. Partner’s 5c is a slam try and you accept.

Defensive commentary: Notice the lead of the c4, low from three in an unsupported suit. Had West supported, the lead would be the c8.

Play commentary: After winning the cA, draw trumps and ruff a club. Now your best chance to avoid two diamond losers is to play the sA sK and ruff a spade, dropping the queen 37% of the time. As it happens, the sJ is good for a diamond discard and you are playing for an overtrick. If the sQ doesn’t appear, cross to dummy with a trump and lead the sJ. East, the 3c bidder, figures to show out, so discard a diamond, a loser on loser play. After West takes the trick, he has no safe return.