InicioIstanbul 2014: Crime and Punishment by Rob Donkersloot

Istanbul 2014: Crime and Punishment by Rob Donkersloot

Estambul 2014

Istanbul, Turkey. Friday, August 15th 2014

Today was the second day and my son’s Bob Donkersloot team (Netherlands U21) in the 6th Round faced Denmark U21 winning by 10 IMPs, to finish an incredible day of 52.97 VP over 60 possible. Not bad!

One of the key boards of the match was Number 4 where the Netherlands partnership: Bob and Pim Coppens, had a chance to score points and didn’t waste it.

All Vulnerable Dealer West

mano 4 rueda 6 U21
Board 4 Round 6 U21

In the Close Room playing North/South (for The Netherlands) were Luc Tijssen and Thibo Sprinlhuizen, they competed for the partscore and ended playing 3. After losing two hearts, two trumps and a club, were one down, and so scored -100 points.

In the Open Room for Holland were Pim Coppins in West and Bob Donkersloot in East. For Denmark: Soren Victor Bune in North and in South Todd-Moir.

The bidding went:

West North East South
Pass 1 1NT Double
2 5 Double Pass
Pass Pass    

Final Contract: 5 Doubled

Rob Donkersloot
Rob Donkersloot

Lead: A

East played the A and continued with another heart to his partner’s K, who after winning the second trick switched to a diamond. North won with the A and decided to cash the K, but he received really bad news when West ruffed and returned another heart. Dummy’s Q won the trick.

Now declarer played the A, ruffed a spade in his hand and ruffed a diamond with dummy’s 7,  but was overruffed by West with his 10 who with a perfect command of the situation returned the J,  condemning declarer to lose another diamond trick. The crime was committed and punished as appropriate.

Last Result: down four for a 1.100 score and 14 IMPs for The Netherlands.





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