Equipo Breno: Andrea Manno, Valerio Giubilo, Massimo Lanzarotti, Mario D'avossa, Romain Zaleski

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The 9 of December was played the last day of the «Citta di Milano 2012» Tournament.

With just one match to play the following teams occupied the top three positions, Breno team first with 236, followed closely by Failla ZKS with 233 and 231 … In the final match Breno team defeated 14-5 ZKS team, enough to win the tournament …

 The first 3 final standings were: Breno 239, Failla 235, 230 ZKS

From Fulvio’s fantoni Site: The Italian Bridge Federation decided to support the organization of three big annual tournaments in the North, in the Centre and in the South of Italy.

 The first of these tournaments is the famous International tournament of Milan, which has been held for many years during the days of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  [button link=»http://www.fulviofantoni.com/en/50-latest-news/208-international-tournament-in-milan.html»]Click Here[/button]