Two Minutes with Dennis Bilde by Angie Bach

    Angie Bach corresponsal CSBNews en España
    Angie Bach corresponsal
    CSBNews en España

    Barcelona, February 1oth 2014

    This is how  Christina Lund Madsen a bridge journalist from Denmark, describes Dennis: Dennis Bilde grew up on a farm in a deserted part of Denmark as the eldest son of two dedicated bridge players. As a child he spent hour after hour playing and learning bridge from his parents and uncle, all of them having performed on the Danish national teams.

    He became the second youngest ever to win the Vanderbilt, only narrowly surpassed by Bobby Levin back in 1980. However Dennis Bilde won the Vanderbilt having played every single board of the tournament, beating most of his childhood heroes on the way.

    Dennis Bilde and some of his most important victories: World Youth Team Champion 2008 (Beijing) Denmark Team. World Youth Individual Champion 2010 (Philadelphia). Vanderbilt Cup 2013 (St Louis)


     -Hello Dennis! ¿Do you think you have chances to win this V Barcelona Open International together with your partner Juan Carlos Ventín?

    In this third session, we dont have many possibilities, the tournament will be for the players that are in front of us.

     -Dennis, -¿How did you start to play bridge?

    My whole family played.

    !OK! , You laugh almost all the time and you are really friendly, but I see we dont have much time, do you have a funny bridge story to tell us?

    Dennis Bilde
    Dennis Bilde

    Yes I have!

    It happened in China. It was our first day in China, a rather long trip and we were suffering from severe jet lag.

    Then that night we decided to go for a while to clear our heads and at three AM the bar closed.

     The group had to return to the hotel. As yet we were with plenty energy, we started to play strip poker.

    Anyway, I lost … so I had to turn around the entire hotel building totally  naked! … and I was caught by the security cameras!!! 😆