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Responding to Negative Double – Gadget (Billy Miller)

By ACBL • 21 October, 2016

Billy Miller

Let’s examine two auctions that come up all the time. You probably have never given them much thought because they are so basic. What you may not have realized is that there is a magical quality to these auctions that you may have overlooked.

What can go wrong? By Eddie Kantar

By Eddie Kantar • 21 October, 2016

Eddie Kantar

The matchpoint duplicate players, have a high priority on not only making the contract, but scoring overtricks as well. In fact, it is almost de rigueur to risk your contract for the almighty overtrick(s) if the odds favor taking the chance.

Boehm on Bridge

By August Boehm • 21 October, 2016

August Boehm

When I teach, I emphasize logic because logical thinking is essential at bridge. Logical thinking really amounts to clear thinking. How does one thought lead directly to the next?

End Play By Frank Stewart

By Frank Stewart • 21 October, 2016

Frank Stewart

Would you rather try to make 3NT or try to beat it?