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Preempts with Fit By Steve Robinson

By Steve Robinson • 15 October, 2016

Steve Robinson

Partner opens 3D favorable and you have five diamonds with nothing on the outside. An example hand would be …

Ask Jerry: Opening 1NT with a singleton By Jerry Helms

By Jerry Helms • 15 October, 2016

Jerry Helms & Jonathan Steinberg

Hi, Jerry, I would like your opinion on the following hand: ….

The Plan XXVI by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 15 October, 2016

Tim Bourke

West led the queen of hearts. East overtook this with the king to shift to the two of diamonds. As this looked suspiciously like a singleton, declarer paused to consider what he could do to prevent a diamond ruff.

If opponents volunteer to go down, let them; Double

By Ana Roth • 15 October, 2016

Jim Diebel

I remember it like it was yesterday, although it was about 20 years ago. I was playing with my regular partner,…

Easy tips on how to cuebid your way to slam contracts

By Ana Roth • 15 October, 2016

Ginny & Jeff Schuett

Cuebidding without interference is an attempt to get to slam without using Blackwood, or before using Blackwood. Usually the cuebid takes place between