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Is it Magic? By Larry Cohen

By Larry Cohen • 28 June, 2016

Larry Cohen-Marty Bergen

This deal was played In the 2011 World Championships in Holland. South held:

Experts also make mistakes VI

By Ana Roth • 28 June, 2016

Battle of the Century: Culbertson-Lenz match

Inasmuch as tournament bridge is played much more slowly and deliberately than rubber bridge, one might suppose that …

Win at bridge By A. Sontag y O. Jacoby

By Ana Roth • 28 June, 2016

Alan sontag

The principle involved here is an old one. South should simply have played the ace and king of hearts and then…

Trump Control By Richard Pavlicek

By Richard Pavlicek • 28 June, 2016

richard pavlicek 1

Declarer’s goal in the great majority of suit contracts is to maintain trump control, the ability to draw the enemy small trumps and enjoy his winners in the side suits.

Partscore defense By Frank Stewart

By Frank Stewart • 27 June, 2016

frank Stewart 5

Today’s East-West were a married couple. Against two hearts, West led a diamond, and …

Card Play: For the Improving Player

By Ana Roth • 27 June, 2016

card play juego de la carta

You have a 9 top tricks, and there’s a very good chance for 10.

1♣ or 1♦? By Andrew Gumperz

By Andrew Gumperz • 27 June, 2016

bridge bidding

One of the oldest debates in bridge has to do with opening bids on balanced hands.

Grant’s Message

By Ana Roth • 24 June, 2016

Grant Baze

I believe the only inviolate rules of bridge relate to decorum and ethics. In fact, my objection to the word “rules,” in a bridge context, is …

Tempo matters by Yuan Shen

By Ana Roth • 24 June, 2016

Yuan Shen 1

For once, I don’t mean bidding/playing tempo and hesitations. Rather, I’d like to provide an example of counting tempos in the play.

Overcoming Entry Problems By Liz McGowan

By Liz Mcgowan • 24 June, 2016


HERE is another example of overcoming entry problems by overtaking an honour with an honour.