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3NT Success Contracts By Gordon bower

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2016

Gordon Bower

Relationship between success of 3NT contracts and how HCP are split between declarer and dummy

Overcalls By Joan Butts

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2016

Bob Hamman and Justin Lall

WHEN teaching the topic of overcalls, and points required for making them, it’s good to highlight the difference between the one-level, eg …

Vanderbilt 2016 – Final by Maurizio Di Sacco

By Maurizio Di Sacco • 31 March, 2016


Both teams changed line-up: for LAVAZZA, Duboin-Zia took over for Bianchedi-Madala, for CAYNE Sementa-Tokay replaced Lauria-Versace. The two fresh pairs faced each other in the Open Room

Bungle In The Jungle By Ron Klinger

By Ron Klinger • 31 March, 2016

Ron Klinger

How do you play doubles at game level or higher? Purely for penalties? Showing…

Test: Setting Trick I

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2016

bridge cartoon nariz larga

Partner leads H9, likely top of 3 small, since she has raised hearts. You win…

Italy: Under 26 Championship y Master Under 36

By FIGB • 28 March, 2016

Italia master U36

This year the FIGB (Italian Bridge Federation) opened two new events, dedicated to young adults. The Under-26 Italian Championships: Pairs and Teams and the Master Under-36: Pairs and Teams.

Play 1NT By Bill Jacobs

By Ana Roth • 27 March, 2016

South plays 1NT and the defence starts with three rounds of hearts. Now what? Don’t be too hasty.

Elimination and End-plays By Brian Senior

By Ana Roth • 27 March, 2016

Brian Senior v

A FINESSE is a so-so proposition and even a double finesse, for example, 5-4-3 opposite AJ10 is only about 75%. How much better then…

Bridge & Humor: Shift from bridge to gin rummy

By Ana Roth • 27 March, 2016

bridge cartoon 10

I wouldn’t be surprised if the shift from bridge to gin rummy lowered the divorce rate in this country.

The Final Problem By Micke Melander

By Ana Roth • 27 March, 2016

Micke Melander

A bridgeplayer that has been around at the highest level for the last 40 years is Swede Anders Morath, who often comes up with conclusions and questions that no one else had thought about, in the best Sherlock Holmes style.