Bols Bridge Tip: A Veteran Intra-Finesse by Gabriel Chagas Part 2

Gabriel Chagas

A Veteran Intra-Finesser source: «Bridge Tips by World Masters» by Terence Reese»

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Now, you find yourself in 4 on the next deal after a club overcall by West.


K J 2
A 9 2
K 9 6 2
9 6 3



8 6
J 5
Q 10 3
K Q J 10 8 7


10 9 7 5 4
Q 10 7 6
8 4
5 4


A Q 3
K 8 4 3
A J 7 5
A 2


You duck the first club and West continues the suit. As a 3-3 trump break is unlikely, you lead a low heart towards the dummy, and when West follows with the 5 you finesse the 9!

East wins with the 10 and switches to a spade, confirming that the clubs are 6-2. You cash the trump Ace, and when this collects the Jack from West you pick up East’s remaining trumps by finessing the 8.

On the fourth trump you throw, not a club, but a diamond from dummy. The successful intra-finesse has brought you to nine tricks but now you must establish a diamond for game.

As you are wide open in clubs you lead a low diamond, intending to finesse the 9 into East’s hand. West however, inserts the 10. You win with dummy’s K and cash the remaining spades. When West shows out on the third spade you have a perfect count. West began with: six clubs, two hearts and two spades, and therefore three diamonds.

You need no more finesses. On the third spade West is forced down to two diamonds and the J. You therefore lead dummy’s losing club, throwing West in and forcing him to lead into your diamond tenace.

This ending was very satisfying, but you would never have got there without the aid of the intra-finesse i the trump suit.

My bridge tip: «Therefore is that whenever you have to develop a shaky suit, and especially when this suit is trump, you should consider wheter you can prepare for an intra-finesse by ducking with and 8 or a 9 on the first round.»

‘Happy finessing’