The Evening Independent – 25 Mar 1939 By WM. M’KENNEY Secretary. American Contract Bridge League

When trumps break badly, nothing is more effective in averting disaster than a long side suit. It is worth noting, however, that the I side suit should almost always be developed before trumps are fully drawn.

Lead: Q

The first trick was won in dum my with the ace of diamonds. A low trump went to declarer’s ace, and South properly switched to the nine of clubs. West discarded a low spade and dummy won with the ace. Now South realized that West, being void of clubs, probably had length In trumps. The safest course was to use the clubs as an ‘additional trump suit» The seven of clubs was returned from dummy and East won with the king. A diamond return forced the declarer to ruff. South now cashed his high spades and ruffed a low spade in dummy. Another club lead permitted a finesse through East’s jack. West ruffed and returned a trump, hoping to draw trumps, but South simply won with the trump king and led the queen of clubs. it did not matter when West took his last trump, since South could continue clubs if West failed to ruff. Thus South lost only two trumps and a club, Premature drawing of trumps, however would have led to defeat.