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BBO is preparing for a great challenge the Bali 2013 transmission.

Traian Chira
Traian Chira

Chira Traian (Bebechira yellow in BBO)  born in Romania and currently living in Melbourne, Australia, is the one in charge of the technical side of BBO VG.

For the BBO VG events Trainan has developed an internet site where everyone who is watching a match, by clicking on the player name in BBO will be able to access his/her photo and the system he/she is playing.

We asked Traian his background: IT and mathematics, finally we told him we were writing an article about his system and if he had something to add, these is what he wrote:

bebechira (Lobby): only that i am big fan of Bridge Live Broadcasts

bebechira (Lobby): i love to watch bridge..and I am doing everything in my power to make it happen as much as possible

bebechira (Lobby): my dream is to open BBO and ALWAYS to be something LIVE

bebechira: for example to see the events in my club Victorian Bridge Association

bebechira: or in your club 😆

For Bali you can find in Traian´s site:

  1. Teams, Country, Players, the Draw day by day.
  2. Photo players, by team and alphabetical by country: BB, VC, y Seniors
  3. Each pair Convention card.
  4. During the event, you will be alble to see photos and videos.
  5. BBO VG Schedule, and the name and photo of the BBO Operator.

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