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The Endplay

By ferlema • 24 July, 2017

end play

An endplay (also throw-in), in bridge, is a tactical play where a defender is put on lead at a strategic moment, and then has to make a play that loses one or more tricks.

Prevent a Ruff by Jon Brown

By ferlema • 17 July, 2017

West led his singleton club, which dummy’s king won. South read the lead as a singleton.

The Plan XXXVIII by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 15 July, 2017


West led the singleton two of hearts. Declarer rose with the ace of hearts and then cashed the ace and king of diamonds, throwing a heart from hand.

The Plan XXXVII by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 14 July, 2017

After this rather agricultural auction, West led the jack of hearts and dummy’s queen held the first trick.

The Plan XXXV

By ferlema • 10 July, 2017

Tim Bourke

West led the queen of hearts. Declarer played low from dummy and East took the trick with his singleton ace, and then had to find the entry to West’s hand to acquire his ruff.

Eliminations Play by David Bird & Martin Hoffman

By ferlema • 8 July, 2017


The most familiar type of elimination play is the “ruff and discard elimination”. The defender who is thrown on lead has the choice between playing on a suit, to your advantage, or giving you a ruff and discard.

Entry Planning by David Bird & Martin Hoffman

By ferlema • 3 July, 2017


A diamond lead would have worked well but West led the club Q. How would you play the slam when two rounds of trumps reveal the 5-1 break?

Conventions: OBAR BIDS

By Ana Roth • 12 June, 2017

OBAR BIDS – Acronym for Opponents Bid And Raise – Balance In Direct Seat. Popularized by Larry Cohen in …

The Best Defense Ever? by Phillip Alder

By Phillip Alder • 10 June, 2017

This deal gets my vote for the best defense ever. It occurred during the 1985 International Team Trial to pick the U.S. team for that year’s Bermuda Bowl world championship. Try it for yourself first.

Pre-Montecatini 2017: Analysis Slow and Quick By Jean-Paul Meyer

By Ana Roth • 9 June, 2017

In June 1997, 20 years ago the 43rd GENERALI EUROPEAN BRIDGE CHAMPIONSHIPS was played in Montecatini Terme, Italy. Today we bring you an article …