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Buenos Aires 2015: Argentina Open, Brasil Ladies and Argentina Senior are the new Southamerican Champions

By Ana Roth • 16 May, 2015

Brasil CS 2015

Argentina: Open & Senior Southamerican Champion, Brasil: Southamerican Ladies Champion

Buenos Aires 2015: 3/4 to the Final

By Ana Roth • 16 May, 2015

Arg Brasil corto

The finals results with only one set to play…Live in BBO

Buenos Aires 2015: Meet the Zone 3 Players for BB, VC & d’OC

By Ana Roth • 16 May, 2015

senior brasil

Photos of all the teams members…Photo: Brasil Senior

Buenos Aires 2015: Already defined Zone 3 Teams for Chennai 2015

By Ana Roth • 15 May, 2015

Brasil Open 1

Open Final: Brazil – Argentina; Ladies Final: Brazil-Venezuela y Senior Final: Argentina A – Brazil A

Buenos Aires 2015: Teams Semifinals

By Ana Roth • 14 May, 2015

Argentina Chile

In Seniors Brazil is winning well his semifinal, the rest of the semifinals are very close.

Buenos Aires 2015: SBT Championships Third Day

By Ana Roth • 13 May, 2015

colombia arg

Chile leads the Open, Brasil leads the ladies and Argentina A leads the Seniors. Tomorrow afternoon will begin the semifinals…Watch the teams Champeonships, live in BBO.

Buenos Aires 2015: SBT Championships the Second day just Started

By Ana Roth • 12 May, 2015

BA 2015 Argentina match

Brasil leads the Open, and Ladies and Argentina leads Seniors

Buenos Aires 2015: Southamerican Teams Championships

By Ana Roth • 12 May, 2015

Gianarrrigo rona y Cia

Chile is leading the Open, Brazil is leading the Ladies and Argentina B is leading the Seniors

Buenos Aires 2015: S.C. Pairs Winners

By Ana Roth • 11 May, 2015

Morella Daryayani

Open: Fornasari – Villegas (Arg-Arg); Ladies: Daryanani-Pacheco (Ven-Ven), Mixed: Lamas -Alujas (Chi-Arg) Photo: Daryanani-Pacheco