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Sanya 2014: Saturday October 24 2014

By Ana Roth • 25 October, 2014

Inon Liran y Udi Friedlander.

Pairs World Champions: FRIEDLANDER Ehud – LIRAN Inon en el Open, LIU Shu – ZHOU Tao en Damas, y LASUT Henky – MANOPPO Eddy M F en Seniors…Photo: Friedlander-Liran

Sanya 2014: Friday October 24 2014

By Ana Roth • 24 October, 2014

picasion 25

We are getting near the end of the road. The first day of the final was played today … Tomorrow will be played the last sessions and the champions will be revealed …

Sanya 2014: Thursday October 23 2014

By Ana Roth • 23 October, 2014

Piotr Gawrys and Michal Klukowski

MAZURKIEWICZ es the new Open Teams World Champion, BAKER won the Ladies Teams and MILNER the Seniors teams Photo: Piotr Gawrys and Michal Klukowski: the youngest world champion.

Sanya 2014: Wednesday October 22 2014

By Ana Roth • 22 October, 2014

Jugadores descansan

Teams Finals: MONACO vs MAZURKIEWICZ in the Open. CHINA RED TEAM vs BAKER in Ladies and MILNER vs STERNBERG in Seniors. The Pairs World Championship continues…

Sanya 2014: Tuesday October 21 2014

By Ana Roth • 21 October, 2014


The Open Teams are playing the QF. Ladies and Seniors are in their semifinals and today started the Pairs Champìonships…

Sanya 2014: Monday October 20 2014

By Ana Roth • 20 October, 2014

picasion 15

Today was played and finished the Round of 32 of the KO stage and was played the first match of the Round of 16. The 16 teams that are still playing are…Photo: Mixed winners

Sanya 2014: Sunday October 19 2014

By Ana Roth • 19 October, 2014

picasion 14

Today the semifinals were played and are already known the 32 teams that will play the KO Stage.

Sanya 2014: Saturday October 18 2014

By Ana Roth • 18 October, 2014

picasion 12

Today started the World Teams Championships, played in three categories: Open, Ladies and Seniors.

Sanya 2014: Friday October 17, 2014

By Ana Roth • 17 October, 2014

picasion 9

Jie Jack Zhao and Kerri Sanborn are the brand new Mixed Pairs World Champions.

Sanya 2014: Thursday October 16, 2014

By Ana Roth • 16 October, 2014

picasion 8

These are the results of the first 5 sessions of the Final A and B…the winners will be is revealed tomorrow.