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The Plan XXXVIII by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 15 July, 2017


West led the singleton two of hearts. Declarer rose with the ace of hearts and then cashed the ace and king of diamonds, throwing a heart from hand.

The Plan XXXVII by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 14 July, 2017

After this rather agricultural auction, West led the jack of hearts and dummy’s queen held the first trick.

The Plan XXXVI by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 13 July, 2017

001making plans

West led a low trump and declarer won the trick cheaply in hand. Declarer could count eight top tricks.

The Plan XXXIV by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 17 February, 2017


This was a seemingly routine board in a team match.
At both tables, West led the ten of hearts. Each declarer
won the first trick with ace of hearts,

The Plan XXXIII by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 13 February, 2017


West led the king of clubs. Declarer took the opening lead with the ace, cashed the king and ace of trumps, thus marking West with at most a singleton in hearts.

The Plan XXXII by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 13 January, 2017


West began with the ace,
king and queen of spades. Declarer counted ten tricks:
four in trumps, four in diamonds and two in clubs. He
saw that the main danger was West’s having two diamonds
and four hearts to the jack.

The Plan XXX by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 23 December, 2016


West began the defence with the ace of hearts. He followed that up with the king of hearts in an attempt to attack declarer’s trump control.

The Plan XXIX by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 16 December, 2016

Tim Bourke

The bidding was identical at both tables in a team match, with both South players a little optimistically superaccepting the transfer. It was somewhat surprising that neither South player bid three notrump to suggest a 4×3 shape along the way to four spades.

The Plan XXVIII by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 22 November, 2016

Tim Bourke

This deal came up in a teams match and the auction was the same at both tables. Each West began by leading the king of diamonds, asking for count, and continuing with the queen of diamonds.

The Plan XXVII by Tim Bourke

By Tim Bourke • 12 November, 2016

Tim Bourke

West led the three of hearts. Declarer took East’s ten with the jack and played the queen of clubs. East took this with the ace and returned the five of hearts to the four, nine and ace.