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Bridge & Humor: Poor and Poor Again

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2015

poor bridge

At the 2003 universities bridge festival in Cambridge, Robin Zigmond experienced more than his fair share or poor bridge.

The Plan XVII by Tim Bourke (AUS)

By Tim Bourke • 31 March, 2015

Tim Bourke

This deal cropped up in a teams match and the auction was the same at both tables, as was the lead: both West players started with the King of Spades.

Just Bridge by Eric Kokish: CueBids

By Eric Kokish • 31 March, 2015

Nick Nickell, Eric Kokish, Sami Kehela

In many cases, cuebids are bids in relatively short suits surprisingly weak holdings. Let’s explore together today. Photo: Nick Nickell, Eric Kokish, Sami Kehela

Test Your Planning in Suit Contracts by Paul Lavings

By Paul Lavings • 31 March, 2015

Paul Lavings 12

Plan the play in the following 4 spade contracts.

Bridge & Humor: Concentration One Requirement

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2015

bridge cartoon tiro agua

One thing the bridge expert must have is fantastic concentration. In ‘The Fireside Book of Cards,” edited by …

Do you have thirteen fingers? by Gordon Bower

By Gordon Bower • 31 March, 2015

Gordon Bower

These routine hands are your chance to practice your counting, so that when you face a critical decision at trick two defending a slam, you’ll find it much easier to figure out what to do.

Conventions: More on Simple Stayman – Part II

By Ana Roth • 31 March, 2015

Stayman, Sam

In Part I, a suggestion was made on how to handle quantitative bids and suit setting bids after a Simple Stayman auction, as below:

A little bit of Zia’s magic by Andrew Robson

By Andrew Robson • 30 March, 2015

Zia + robson

He didn’t start playing until he was in his early twenties – appreciably later than most other international superstars. Yet Zia Mahmood remains…

Bridge Road Warriors 2015 #13

By GS Jade Barrett • 30 March, 2015

gs jade barrett vieja

In the undying pursuit of excellence, the Bridge Road Warrior journeys far and wide, practicing their craft, their art and their packing on a nearly weekly basis.

Safety Plays by James R. Klein

By Ana Roth • 30 March, 2015

Jugadas de Seguridad

The words Safety Play used frequently in bridge means precisely what the name indicates, primarily a protection against adverse distribution. It is a precautionary measure designed to…