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Using the bidding as a guide to the play and defense By Eddie Kantar

Source: ACBL Chicago Bulletins


Opening lead: club suitA

Bidding Commentary: South’s jump to 3club suit is invitational and North’s delayed support at the three level is forcing. 4 by South is automatic.

Lead Commentary: As West, the bidding has tipped you off that North-South have at least eight clubs between them, more likely nine. Since partner has a singleton or void in clubs why not double? The only reason for not doubling is that you might chase them to 5club suit, but that is unlikely.

Defensive Commentary: Not much to the defense after the lead. You continue with the club suit9, suit preference for spades, East ruffs, returns a spade to your ace and ruffs the club return for down one. Nice double and nice defense using the bidding to guide you.


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