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Nickell-Milner Set 7:  (Nickell 254 Milner 212).  We are pleased that the Milner team has not  WD because it gave us the opportunity to see the great bridge  unfolded by J.Lall-K. Bathurst, playing against Meckwell. You can say it is a generational struggle, because Rodwell-Meckstroth are like bridge parents to Lall and Kevin’s  generation.  Till board 103 the match was 14-5 for Milner and you could say that the hands did not produce IMPs for one side or the other. But in board 103 Kevin opened …click here to continue reading.

The match ended 254 to 212 for Nickell only 32 IMPs in 15 hands … we are eager to know.

 Nickell-Milner Set 6:  (Nickell 249 Milner 167).  Milner closed the gap in 26  IMPs, but the difference is still big, 82 IMPs, so they need an extra effort to recover. In this set, there was a nice hand played bye Justin Lall that gave his team a very needed 12 IMps. Click here to see it.

Nickell-Milner Set 5:  (Nickell 231 Milner 130).  Milner lost 19 IMPs more, and the difference is now so big, 101 IMPs, that they will have to make an almost super-human effort to recover. In this set, the hand that generated the largest swing was board 68, at half of the match. In one of the tables Milner (E/W) played 2 hearts doubled and paid 800. At the other table,  Hamman -Zia declared 7 clubs, but Hamman played the not successful line, one down, that gave Milner 14 IMPs.

Milner-Nickell Set 4: (Nickell 188- Milner 107)  It was a set with many swings,  between one of them we can highlight the second hand swing, that gave Milner 16 IMPs, when at a table the Nickell team  played 3NT one down while the Milner team played 6 diamonds done. Despite that the Nickell team at the end of the match squeezed the accelerator and added another 32 IMP, finishing 81 IMPs ahead. There are still 4 sets …to play
Milner-Nickell Set number 3: In the third set of the semifinal Milner Team, recovered 20 IMPs which surely will  give them strength to keep fighting. No large swings except the first two hands, one side 11 and 12 immediately to the other side. The rest of IMPs won were partscores vs. games NV or differences in tricks…
Milner-Nickell Set number 2:

Milner-Nickell: In the second set of the semifinal Nickell added a lot of IMPs: 79, while Milner only managed to add 25. A quick analysis shows that 25 of Nickell’s IMPs  ​​were the result of playing game in two slam hands. In each of those hands, an ace was missing and the slam was cold, but Milner played grand slams in both hand!. Two 25 and 26 swings … in the same match.

If they would have played slam in both hands, the situation would have changed to: Nickell: 44-Milner: 50. So nothing is said yet ..6 sets of 15 hands each, to come … its only a matter of time …

We couldnt see Diamond-Lee, but how can a team retrieve near 150 IMPs in 45 hands…? Diamond seems to be heading for victory.

Nickell Team: Meckstroth, Rodwell, Zia, Katz, Nickell,"Koach" Eric Kokish, Hamman
Milner Team: J. Lall, Kranyak, H. Lall, Milner, Wolpert, Bathurst


  Total    S1     S2    S3     S4    S5    S6    S7    S8
Nickell 254
 29 79 18 62 43 18 5  
Milner 212
 14 25 38 30 23 44 38  




Diamond Team: Diamond, Moss, Gitelman, Greco, Hampson, Platnick
Lee Team: Lee, Weinstein, Demirev, Garner
  Total    S1    S2    S3    S4    S5    S6    S7    S8
2 Diamond  282  49 33 30 83 48 42    
Lee 112
 7 15 31 25 25 9 WD