InicioNet SurfingThe Cardinal Virtues according to Norberto Bocchi: Prudence (interview)

The Cardinal Virtues according to Norberto Bocchi: Prudence (interview)

We have got Norberto Bocchi coming from the victory in Montegrotto International Team (with M.T. Lavazza, Ferraro, Duboin, Sementa), and just before leaving for Saint Louis (MO), to play the Vanderbilt Trophy with Madala and Mustafa Cem Tokay

Between congratulations and good luck there had been only time for three bridge questions. We talked about the Prudence.

A) Interference from West: The Recklessness of Forquet. Como, 1958 Bermuda Bowl, first hand of the match Italy-USA. Love all, South opened 1; Pietro Forquet in West overcalled 1 with:

107653 KQ8 KQ 1083

whereas B. Jay Becker, the other table’s West, had passed. This is not exactly a “lead directing” style, and, what’s more, the interference of Forquet was hazardous even because the opponents were Tobias Stone and Alvin Roth with their very sound system: opening from 14 HCPs and unlimited strength (as today Fantoni-Nunes).

I ask you, Norberto: wasn’t Forquet too reckless with that poor suit and against such a sound Opener? But also I have to ask you: how much really do matter the heads in the overcalling suit?

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