Source: FIGB

11 th European Championship Junior Pairs

It ‘summer’s here, finally approaching departure for sunny beaches or relaxing walks in the mountains.

Margarita Chavarria

For our children and for us the technical for the junior category, the closure of schools and universities instead marks the beginning of the season, the most important one, one for which we have worked all the year, one that compares our kids with their peers from around Europe and test the coronary arteries of Joseph Darius and myself.
     From 1 to 6 July will be held in Vejle in Denmark the 11th Junior European Championship Pairs Championship which will start assigning for the first time the title in the specialty mixed pairs junior and will continue with those of the three categories.
     This first meeting will involve our  Giovanni Donati e Giacomo Percario for cadets, Massimiliano Di

Giovanni DONATI

Franco and Gabriele Zanasi for Juniors, and Margarita Chavarria and Flavia Lanzuisi for girls. In Mixed couples: Chavarria-Zanasi and Lanzuisi-Di Franco to defend our colors. For the young cadets with no maidens how I will be able to keep John and James away from the tables and their beloved 13 cards? What fairy will give me a hand?
     I will be at their side to help and support as always, go ahead!
     Emanuela Capriata