42nd World Bridge Teams Championships

Chennai, India • 26 Septiembre – 10 Octubre 2015

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After endless hours of travel finally I reached my destination, Hello Chennai!

Diego Parramon Brenner & Luc Soudan
Diego Parramon Brenner & Luc Soudan
The first stop was Rio de Janeiro from there straight to Dubai, there luckily I met many players waiting for the same flight as me. After passing through the «smoking area» we went with Miguel Villas Boas who came from San Pablo and Diego Brenner and Luc Soudan arriving from Barcelona to make time with a beer.
Finally at 8:05 am we arrived in Chennai and my first impressions were different to the idea that I had from the country; not to mention the hotel is spectacular. Here everything is ready for the big annual event organized by the WBF.
Miguel Villas-Boas y Fernando Lema
Miguel Villas-Boas y Fernando Lema
 As is public knowledge in the world of bridge are some pairs accused of committing serious breaches of ethics during the game. Tomorrow afternoon Gianarrigo Rona President of the WBF, would provide a press conference to fix the position of the WBF and will answer all questions journalists all over the world have sent, I will keep you updated.
This is the first album of photos from the Championship Facebook:

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