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European Champions’ Cup 2013: The Conclusion by Fulvio Fantoni

Hi all 😆

Let’s summarize what happened in the last days. The qualification stage of the Champions’ Cup finished without much luck for Monaco: We reached the B Semifinal and could not reach the podium anymore.

So we faced BC’T Onstein team from Netherlands. We won the match and we played the match for the fifth place versus the Israeli team Bareket.

In the meanwhile, the teams tried to reaching the Final played in Semifinal A and B. Among the four teams there were two Italian ones, Allegra and Reggio Emilia. The former passed the match, while the second unfortunately for very few points, only 6 IMPs, could not win the match.

Now I tell you about a board from the first match of Semifinal A.

Quality is better than quantity

I open 2 which means unbalanced hand with 5+ and 10-13 points. 2NT is relay.

West bids 3 and …click here to continue reading


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