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Cue Bidding for Slam By Marty Bergen

Source: Cue Bidding for Slam — Example from Bergen’s Book with Bergen’s Advice and Bidding Tools

Most bridge players use control cue-bids for the investigation of slam. However, some believe that is should only be used to “show aces” or a “void” — first round control. THIS IS NOT MARTY BERGEN’S POSITION. He states that control-cue bids promise a control in that suit – whether first-round or second round (called Italian Cue Bids). If a player bypasses a suit, a control is that suit is denied.

South Dealer – How do you bid this hand?


North’s Bergen Points

14HCP +2(6-card suit) = 16 Starting Points 16 + 1 (doubleton) +1 (6trumps) = 18 Bergen Points

South’s Dummy Points

14HCP = 16 Starting Points 14HCP +3 singleton with 4 trumps) = 18 Dummy Points

North’s 4 bid denies club control– the suit bypassed. So if South does not have a club control, he would sign off in 4. Because South did not sign off  he has to have a control. The 4 shows a first or second round control in hearts. West now bids 4NT to reach the lay down slam.

Note: with two worthless doubletons, North should not bid 4NT since the slam depends on location, location, and location of honors!


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