January 22, 2016 by Allan Stauber        

Mike Smolen (Smolen Convention) often was my partner, and sometimes his convention would lead to strange results. When I lived up North, my doctor also played bridge. Despite what follows, he probably would have been a good player in those days, but he didn’t play very much. He is one of those players who know just enough to be dangerous.

Smolen and I had just finished playing in the afternoon session of a National Pair event. My doctor also played in the event, and we met with him and his partner between sessions.

His partner brought up this deal immediately, if not sooner! Maffucci was South on the following auction:

West North East South
Pass 3 Pass 3
Pass 6* Pass 7
Pass 7 All Pass

* = Alerted as Smolen!

Result: Down 1.

Smolen (to my doctor): I PERSONALLY ban you from playing the Smolen Convention!

This and lots more bridge madness are here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/allan-stauber/nauseating-bridge-quotes-ad-nauseam-by-allan-stauber/414000696497

CSBNEWS note:  1984 Reisinger Board-A-Match Teams winners

1984 saw a four-way tie for the title. The winning teams that year were: Edgar Kaplan, Norman Kay, Richard Pavlicek and Bill Root; Mike Smolen, Allan Stauber, Fred Stewart and Steve Weinstein; Saul Bronstein, Richard Reisig, Samuel M. Stayman and George Tornay; Ross Grabel, Jim Robison, Stelios Touchtidis and Jon Wittes. Source: https://acblstory.wordpress.com