Tuesday September 24 2013, Bali

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There will be new champions in the Bermuda Bowl and the Venice Cup at the 41st World Bridge Teams Championships, but the defenders in the d’Orsi Seniors Cup are still alive.
The most exciting match of the day involved France, the Venice Cup holders, and China. The Chinese jumped out to a
109-58 lead after the second set but saw France draw even at 176 with one set to go. China won a tightly played sixth stanza to move into the semi-final round with a 204-192 win.
In the Bermuda Bowl, the Dutch champions from 2011 were thrashed by Poland and withdrew after five sets, trailing 242-119. In the Seniors, 2011 champs France fi nished play early when the Netherlands, resigned after the fi fth set, trailing 251-91. Semi-fi nal matchups are USA1-Monaco and Italy-Poland in the Bermuda Bowl; Netherlands-USA2 and England-China in the Venice Cup, and France-Germany, Poland-USA2 in the d’Orsi Seniors Tropy. In the World Transnational Open Teams, Yeh Mix has the lead with 150.81 victory points (out of a possible 200), followed by Polish Students, with 133.82.