Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This year in Sanya, China the best bridge players in the world will be participating in the [ilink url=»»]14th Redbull World Bridge Series[/ilink], the next board is a living proof of the connection between Bridge and its new sponsor: Redbull…

Since May 9, USA top players are competing in Phoenix to represent their country in the 2015 Bermuda Bowl… The Gordon and Diamond teams faced each other in the Quarterfinals. After the first 5 sets (8 sets total), the match was virtually tied with a minimum advantage for the Gordon team.

The 6th set started with a 10 IMPs swing for the Diamond team, three boards later arrived…

2014 USBC QF Tab 19 a

 Board 19

 After Bathurst (DIA) 1 opening bid in the third seat, Gordon in West ended as the declarer of a 3NT contract and Bathurst chose to lead his 10.

Gordon won the trick with his K to play the 5 to the Q. He continued with the A and another , this caused Bathurst first endplay, which left his hand playing a spade.

Gordon won with dummy’s A, to continue with the K, the Q and the A. Bathurst throw his K in an attempt not to be endplayed again. Declarer continued with the Q. This was the four cards end position: 2014 USBC QF Tab 19 (final 4 cartas)

Gordon continued with the 9, this time Bathurst couldn’t avoid to be endplayed, and the declarer received his ninth trick as an award.

  Not only Redbull gives you wings…some bridge boards too…2014 USBC QF Tab 19

At the other table after Pepsi (GRD) 1 opening in third position, Hampson (DIA) in East ended as the 3NT declarer and Seamon (GRD) chose the 6 lead.

Hampson covered with dummy’s K and Pepsi in North overtook the king with his A and returned the 10 removing declarer’s last stopper in the suit.

 Declarer continued testing the club suit playing a to the Q and the A, but when the K didn’t appear, Hampson realized he was one down.

 Hampson needed to give his play at trick one a little more thought, if he would have played a small heart over the lead, North would have won the trick, but declarer could have repeated Gordon’s play to obtain his 9 tricks.