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Meet Mario Chavarria by Fernando Lema

By ferlema • 28 July, 2017

Mario Chavarria

Mario Chavarria is the person in charge of the WBF’s films crew. As happens many times those responsible for a great job remain hidden for most of us and this is one of those cases.

Interviewing Gianarrigo Rona President of the World Bridge Federation By fernando Lema

By ferlema • 16 May, 2017

Yesterday, taking advantage of Mr. Rona’s presence at the 67th South American Bridge Championships, I had the opportunity to interview him and ask him about the WBF latest news.

An Interview to Mr Yves Aubry President of the European Bridge League

By ferlema • 10 May, 2017

S 17 Aubrey

This morning I had the opportunity to interview the President of the European Bridge League, Mr. Yves Aubry.

Interview to Mr. Nafiz Zorlu by Ana Roth & Fernando Lema

By Ana Roth y Fernando Lema • 6 January, 2017

Nafiz Zorlu

I was born in İZMİR, West Coast of Turkey, very beautiful city. Now I am living in Istanbul just because of some business matters. Hope to go İZMİR soon again.

Wroclaw 2016: A Few Words with Nadia Bekkouche

By ferlema • 7 September, 2016


Nadia is, despite his young age an experienced international bridge player. She made her debut in the Denmark National Ladies Team in 1996 and has played …

A Few Words with Juan Felipe Cuervo by Fernando Lema

By ferlema • 8 August, 2016

Juan Felipe Cuervo y Fernando Lema

During the 16th World Youth Bridge Teams Championships, I have the oportunity to interview to Juan Felipe Cuervo (COL) member of the Colombian team U 26.

Interview to Gianarrigo Rona by Simon Fellus & Fernando Lema

By ferlema • 10 June, 2016

Gianarrigo Rona

1) What is your opinion after one year the cheating scandal exploded?

Interview to Mustafa Cem Tokay by Angie Bach

By Angie Bach • 3 April, 2016

Mustafa Cem Tokay

For this occasion I am happy to interview to WBF World Life Master and excellent player, Mustafa Cem Tokay.

Exclusive Interview with Pierre Zimmermann by JP Meyer

By Francesca Canali • 22 October, 2015

Pierre Zimmermann

You posted a message on Facebook « after Transnational 2015, Bermuda Bowl 2017 » So the question everyone asks: with which team?

Cavendish 2015: 5′ with Giorgio Duboin (from Bulletin 3)

By Francesca Canali • 21 October, 2015

MC 2015 Duboin

So the Lavazza team is going through some changes…