Monaco cavendish cabeceraOctober 21, 2015

Monaco Cavendish 2015

Le Fairmont October: 19-23


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Source: Bulletin 5

Jean Paul Meyer
Jean Paul Meyer

Member of the winning team of the World transnational championship in Chennai, member of the national team of Monaco who decided not to play in Bermuda Bowl, co-organizer of the Cavendish in Monaco, instigator of the new event « the European Winter Games » in association with EBL, Pierre was absolutely the one to meet.

Glad for three reasons

First accept all our congratulations for your victory in the Transnational teams world championship in Chennai. A pleasant memory for you, we imagine.

Yes but more than you think, I was very glad of this result for three reasons. The victory itself, when you play, you hope to win. This victory had a special flavour after all what happened in previous weeks. And third as we played five handed, I took a big part in the result. I do not say that often, but I, personally, played well in quarter and semifinals.

Two new faces on the podium

On the podium in India we noted two new faces…

Yes the gold medal went to Franck Multon, Geir and Tor, my regular partners but we were joined by Krysztof Martens, usually our coach but acted there as a player. We knew he was a very good competitor, he proved it. The sixth was more surprising, Christine, my wife, is normally not involved in bridge. She was our Captain and showed, for the first time, interest for the game. It made me very happy.

The 2016 and 2017 Monaco team

You posted a message on Facebook « after Transnational 2015, Bermuda Bowl 2017 » So the question everyone asks: with which team?

Franck, Geir and Tor…

A team is six players.

Krysztof Martens might well be member of Monaco team for European in Budapest 2016.

And in Lyon 2017?

Nothing sure, yet. I am having conversations with different players. One thing I can tell none of them is French. I will not despoil French Federation and its new « directeur technique national », Philippe Cronier. On this subject, I will tell you a secret…

Wow! please do.

I proposed to Thomas Bessis a place in Monaco’s team. This was a sort of a dream for a young professional. Though, he did not take long to say he was most grateful but that he had to refuse to be faithful both to Fréderic and French bridge. I regret but I admire his position.

So you will have Italian partners?

It is just a possibility.

Concerning the drama

Everyone will understand we have both to be careful on what say or write in this matter.

There has been no judgment yet. But, if allegations should be proved wouldn’t you feel betrayed, you and also Monaco? I am now in my sixties. I am quiet and zen. Some friends may have problems or may have done wrong things. It can be a fault but they remain friends. I forget the past. In 2015 I payed to ALL my teammates the bonus for results mentioned in the contract I signed. Whatever happens I will sue nobody.

On social networks, happily, there was not one bad word concerning Monaco or myself. Monaco authorities keep full confidence in their bridge representatives. I have no regret about the decision taken by JeanCharles Allavena to forfeit for Bermuda Bowl even if our hand was partially forced by the previous option choosen by the Israelian federation.

European Winter Games: why?

With this new event, it is a new adventure, new financial involvment, new responsibility, why this additional burden?

Most of the best European bridge pros emigrate to USA where bridge is organized on a different scale. Three Nationals a year and almost every week regionals. That gives bridge professionals a chance to earn their living. This new event will not damage bridge festivals that have their own « clients » different from the top level. Please note that the BAM event in February will be played on a day and a half for qualifications on Monday afternoon and Tuesday. Semifinals for 20 teams on Tuesday and the final for 10 teams. My model is the Reisinger in USA but with more teams to advance from qualifications to semi. I am rather proud to promote this new type of tournament which could become very popular in Europe. I said in Tromso that bridge had brought me a lot that I had to give it back something. I must admit that during the two last months bridge took back more than I wished!