Monaco cavendish cabeceraOctober 20, 2015

Monaco Cavendish 2015

Le Fairmont 19-23 de octubre


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FIVE MINUTES WITH GIORGIO DUBOIN by Jean-Paul Meyer & Francesca Canali

Nice to see you here in Monaco. You have played the Monaco Patton, the Cavendish teams and you are going to play also the Cavendish pairs with…

Agustin Madala.

Yes. It is an unusual partnership, isn’t it?

Well, the Cavendish is supposed to be played in unusual formations… In this way, you can hope not to be sold for too much money during the auction and possibly buy a percentage of your partnership. Besides, at the moment, my only partner is Zia… Zia in the States and Bilde in Europe.

Should we consider Dennis Bilde a new member of the Lavazza team?

Probably yes.

So the Lavazza team is going through some changes…We know the players, but we don’t exactly know how the players will be paired.

We don’t know either. It depends on what Agustin and Norberto decide to do. After many years together, they had a kind of crisis and thought for a while to play with different partners. Norberto suggested Dennis Bilde as a brilliant talent, so he joined the team. Now that Norberto and Agustin are ok, if they continue to play together I will probably play with Dennis.

Mrs. Lavazza has always been very focused on encouraging and supporting young players. This is great for the future of bridge. What about the other young member of the team, the Italian Massimilano Di Franco?

At the moment he is playing with Alejandro Bianchedi… We still don’t exactly know how the team will change.

For sure the team is becoming more and more “transnational”. But what about your role in the Italian National Team?

No, I will not play in the National team anymore, at least for the moment.


The first reason is that I do not have a partner. Besides, there were problems between Maria Teresa Lavazza and the Italian Federation. She left her role of captain of the team and now she does not wish to be captain anymore. And I prefer to stand with her.

Cannot the players express their opinion about who they wish to have as captain?

No, they can’t. It is the Italian Federation who decides.

But the sponsors have played a major role in the Italian National team in the past…

Yes, in the past… At that time, Mrs Lavazza and Angelini were rivals. This is not anymore the case: now they are almost friends. But none of them is much interested in our National team anymore.

There are still many top players in Italy, so it is sad that the National team did not play the Bermuda Bowl in Chennai.

From the Lavazza team only two players,Norberto Bocchi and me, could wish to play for Italy. Agustin Madala now wants to play for Argentina, Zia for USA, Bianchedi for Argentina and Bilde for Denmark.

So transnational events are definitely for you! And Monaco is getting ready to host the 1st European Winter Games… What do you know and think about this new event?

This is a great idea and all the bridge world should be grateful to Pierre Zimmermann for this. MonteCarlo can enhance the visibility of bridge also among persons who still don’t know about our game. Besides, the jackpot is very very generous, and this is good also for the players!

Lavazza team will be there?

Yes, for sure.