wroclaw 2016

Trine Binderkrantz

Nadia is, despite she is young, an experienced international bridge player. She made her debut in the Denmark National Ladies Team in 1996 and has played with several partners. In recent years, she and Trine Binderkrantz (with whom she previously played backgammon in the Denmark National Team) has been one of the strongest ladies pairs of the Denmark national team. Among others, they represented Denmark several times at the World Bridge Championships.

Nadia is one of the most recognized professional bridge players from Denmark. When she in not sitting with cards in her hands, playing or teaching, she works in the Blaksets Bridge Center.

In her spare time, she makes more or less the same as when she is at work: Playing bridge, enjoying and having fun with friends. She also uses much of her time in her garden and his equally important 5 years old nephew, Sebastián. Other interests include, shops and cafes. :LOL:

Nadia likes to sing, and on festive occasions, sings for all of us if someone has an available microphone, when she celebrates the new year often brings her karaoke machine … and have fun until dawn.

Nadia has a fresh and pleasant bridge style that certainly characterizes his game … She likes to play positive and proactive bridge, always with a smile and enjoying both at the table and outside it.

Meet Nadia in this interview, conducted by Fernando Lema, very short but very funny.

By ferlema