Benito Garozzo tells one of his Favorite Hands

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It is in keeping with his modesty that this should be the hand he offers us.

Garozzo y Latala
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Benito Garozzo and Slawek Latala

Many years ago, in 1966, Benito Garozzo was asked about one of his favorite hands …

The youngest and most brilliant member of the Italian Blue Team, winners of the last eight World Championships. Though there are suggestions of the retirement of the Blue Team, so great is Garozzo’s passion for the game that it is certain that he at least will play on. In this hand from a match-pointed pairs contest Garozzo was West, declarer in a contract of 4 after an uncontested auction. North leads the queen of clubs.

West East
 Q 7 5 4
 A 7 3
 J 10 7 3
 9 3
 K 9 8 6
 K 8 5 2
 A K 4
 A K

How did Garozzo plan the play ?

At first sight the number of tricks would appear to depend largely on the spade position. If declarer limits his trump losers to one the diamond finesse will give him eleven tricks. With two trump losers he
will need the diamond finesse for his contract. Garozzo cashed both his clubs and continued with the ace, king and a third heart. The hearts divided 3-3 and South won the third heart. He had now either to give declarer a ruff and discard or a free diamond finesse or he had to open the trump suit for him. South in fact exited with a diamond and Garozzo congratulated himself- too soon.

South held:  A J   Q 6 4   Q 9 8 6 5 2   7 2

North ruffed the diamond return and was later able to ruff a second diamond. Every other declarer found a less imaginative line of play and Garozzo marked zero.

It is in keeping with his modesty that this should be the hand he offers us.

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