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Leading Questions Part 6

By Ana Roth • 31 August, 2013

Frank Stewart

A capable defender chooses a lead by visualizing the dummy and anticipating how declarer will play. Try using your imagination as South in these lead problems.

2013 Vilnius Cup: Match Real vs Herman

By Ana Roth • 30 August, 2013


The 2013 Vilnius Cup Festival is taking place in Lithuania. The VILNIUS CUP – Open Teams just begun

Leading Questions Part 5

By Frank Stewart • 30 August, 2013

Frank Stewart

Experienced players seldom try a spectacular opening lead; they are satisfied to produce leads that are consistently effective.

Thinking Bridge: Seattle NABC 3rd Day

By Eddie Kantar • 30 August, 2013

Eddie Kantar Clase

As a defender, when you have established a trick in dummy upon which declarer, now void in the suit, can take a discard…

Leading Questions Part 4

By Frank Stewart • 29 August, 2013

Frank Stewart

Against Slam: Trump leads are uncommon. Against 6NT, a passive lead is…

Your 2C Bidding Structure Part II

By Karen Walker • 29 August, 2013

Karen Walker 2

Special Problem Hands: Preempt-type hands, Two-suited hands, Minor one-suiters, Three-suited hands

Excercises: Two Club Openings

By • 28 August, 2013


These hands cover various aspects of Two Club auctions: When to open 2 clubs, When to …

Leading Questions Part 3

By Frank Stewart • 28 August, 2013

Frank Stewart chico1

When capable defenders choose a lead, they review the bidding, visualizes the dummy and…

Your 2 Clubs Bidding Structure

By Karen Walker • 27 August, 2013

Karen Walker

So what type of hand should you have for a strong 2C?

Leading Questions Part 2

By Frank Stewart • 27 August, 2013

Fred Stewart y Kit Woolsey

A capable defender often chooses a trump lead, not because of …Photo: Fred Stewart y Kit Woolsey