08:55 20 March 2014  Dallas North American Bridge Championships by GS Jade Barrett, CsbNews correspondent
Roger Ebert in 1970.
Roger Ebert in 1970.
 «Dogs notice, they share, they draw conclusions, they like it when they’re able to be of service and are touchingly grateful when they’re praised» – Roger Ebert
The last two weeks have been exceptionally hectic as the Great American Bridge Tour prepares for another Spring North American Bridge Championships. We have spent many hours reviewing our methods, making travel arrangements, practicing online and in real time – all while maintaining our homes and spending time with our friends, family and pets. Sometimes, we still have mundane matters to attend to after we arrive.
We have several desires during the NABCs – apart from winning one, of course. Creature comforts are valuable to us – our favorite juices, cheeses, breakfast items, and libations need to be acquired. Three members of the team have health issues that require a refrigerator and occasionally we cannot acquire one from the hotel, so a quick run to Walmart is in order.
Team Dog Anna objects when she is not fed, and at over 50 Kilos, we do not wish to irritate her. So we take a side trip to Petsmart to ensure that her larder is full. This trip she has been limping, and a visit to her veterinarian is made. While she is a tremendous Service Animal, she is a terrible patient – just having her nails trimmed can be traumatic to everyone involved. She always leaves the establishment in a huff.
 She will forgive us sometime within the next week.