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Atlanta 2013: Some Spingold Boards

First of all: Thanks to Sabine Auken for her second hand bidding clarifications 

The first match of the Spingold that BBO transmited was: Mazurkiewicz (16) vs Schermer (17)

Mazurkiewicz (16): Marcin Mazurkiewicz- Krzysztof Jassem and Piotr Tuszynski – Piotr Gawrys
Schermer (17) : John Schermer, Reese Milner, Hemant Lall, Sabine Auken, Roy Welland, Neil Chambers.

Both teams had easily passed the day before his first KO matches: Schermer (17) defeated Kolesnik (48): 166-59 and  Mazurkiewicz (16) defeated Gokhale (49) 162-40.

In the first 16 boards set  Schermer (17) was represented by E/W  Sabine Auken- Roy Welland and N/S a Reese Milner – Hemant Lall, and Mazurkiewicz (16) by Piotr Tuszynski – Piotr Gawrys E/W and Marcin Mazurkiewicz, Krzysztof Jassem in N/S, this last partnership will represent Poland in the next Bermuda Bowl in Bali 2013.

The set ended with an advantage of 22 IMPs for Schermer, below you can read two boards where luck defeated technique.

Welland opened his hand 1NT (14 to 16) and Auken answered 2NT: a) signoff or b) any 4441. After the obliged 3 redeclaration,  Sabine continued with 4NT showing the 4441 with short clubs and slam interest, Welland decided to play a diamond slam.

 As you can see the A lead defeats the contract but in real life North lead the 7.

Welland won the trick with the K, played three diamonds and continued with all the high spades discarding two clubs from his hand and played a little heart. When declarer saw South’s 10, he played his A and continud with the 3, North played his K and declarer claimed 12 tricks.

 At the other table the Poland players chose to play a standard 4 done 5, but this » normality» cost them 12 IMPs.

 Another lucky board for W/A was:

 When Mazurkiewi opened his hand with a 1 bid, Auken found herself with any comfortable voice and passed. Jassem by system showed his weak hand with a 1 answer, after Welland’s Pass, North continued with 1.

Now Auken’s 1 over 1 was conventional showing take-out of hearts. Double instead would have been a good hand with at least honor third in hearts and interest in a penalty double.  South obviously passed and Roy knowing his partner heart shortness decided to steal the part score with 2, final contract.

The only lead that helps declarer to make 8 tricks is a club lead, but South found a heart lead: J.

Welland tabled his cards and Auken played the 2, Mazurkiewi his A and quickly returned a trump, to avoid some cross ruff tricks. Auken won with her A and continued A and ruffed a .

Now the 10 but when North erred by not covering…she pitched the 3 to continue with the 3 and claimed 8 tricks: 5 spades, 1 heart, 1 club and 1 diamond.

 At the other table East played 2 one down… 5 IMPs for Schermer (17).


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