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Montecatini 2017: Montecatini High

By Ana Roth • 10 June, 2017

Today started the European Mixed Teams Open Championship, with a field of 114 teams. On Round 3 of the ten RR rounds, Board 22 generated important swings on many tables, ….

Replay these hands with me By Peter Goodman

By Ana Roth • 6 June, 2017

Today’s hand builds on our recent theme of planning your play before playing to trick 1 (and re-planning at about trick 3 or 4 if the play provides further information).

The Devil’s Coup – well, almost By Zia Mahmood

By Zia Mahmood • 31 May, 2017

Zia mahmood Chennai 2015

Today’s deal from the final of the NEC Cup 2010 featured something akin to the Devil’s Coup.

Watch Your Step Carefully by Nikola Tcholakov (BUL)

By ferlema • 1 May, 2017

be carefull

It is really a good advice for the declarer not to hurry after the lead when dummy goes down. Don’t be mislead by a world champion who immediately touches a card from dummy.

Coming Down to the Right Size By Omar Sharif

By Ana Roth • 2 April, 2017

cartoon talle correcto

A player who preempts usually has a singleton somewhere. Should that player be on opening lead and…

Counting the hands

By Ana Roth • 12 March, 2017

“Counting the hands” that is, determining the distribution of a suit in all four hands, is one of the things in bridge play which the beginner finds difficult, and …

The Crossruff by E. P. C Cotter

By ferlema • 11 March, 2017


The Crossruff. Where there is no attempt to draw trumps, but the declarer and dummy make their trumps separately

Exchanging One Trick for Another by Terence Reese

By Terence Reese • 4 March, 2017


Declarer con sometines keep a dangerous defender out of the lead by giving up a trick in one suit in exchange for a trick in another.

To Do A Thing Well By Alfred Sheinwold

By Ana Roth • 28 February, 2017

Poor Alfred’s Almanac advises: If you want a thing done well, don’t do it yourself. Get help from an opponent.

Extra Care in Slam Play by Ira Corn

By ferlema • 22 February, 2017


Although the bidding was aggressive, the final contract was certainly reasonable.